Open call for the new edition of the Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival the number XIII until August 31, 2016 .

The new edition will be held from 26 to 10 December 2016 ( approximate dates)

Registration tab in this website by the shipping platforms . 6e registration of the shortfilms and 8e the longfilms .

With 12 years of history, the festival is directed by Toni Navarro and organized by the entity, Rights in Action.

An international organization that is pro Human Rights, democratic development and sustainable humanity.

The Barcelona Cinema Festival will start its 12th edition on November 26th to December 10th.

About the Barcelona Human Rights film festival:

The event has been an unavoidable platform for the dissemination and debate about the different realities in human rights issues in Barcelona and the world. It has been for two consecutive years appointed by the ICCAR UNESCO as a good practice in human rights in the fight against various forms of discrimination and racism engaged to the city of Barcelona for the celebration of this Cinema Festival.

The Festival of Cinema and Human Rights of Barcelona is headquartered in Barcelona and has small satellites in Paris and New York. It is the most signicant voice of this issue in Catalonia,  and one of the most important in the state- a film festival that is widely established internationally. Along with more than 30 samples of the official selection in each edition coming from different countries throughout the year.