XIII Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona.
The 13th edition of the Festival is held from November 21 to December 1 in Barcelona in the Cinemas Texas (Carrer de Bailèn, 205), complemented with film workshops and masterclasses of human rights and cinema at the University of Barcelona. Simultaneous satellites will be held from November 30 to December 3 at the Lavoire Moderne Parisien in Paris and Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building, 1550 Franklin Ave, Mineola, New York and the Freeport Library in New York.

The Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival is the oldest independent Festival and one of the most important in terms of Human Rights in the national level and a Festival widely consolidated at the international level.
Has been nominated for two consecutive years by ICCAR of UNESCO, as a reference of good practices in Human Rights, for his fight against the various forms of discrimination and racism.

It is directed by Toni Navarro from the entity Rights in Action, organization for Human Rights, Democratic Development and Sustainable Humanity.
The contest aims to spread a film that awakens consciences, denounces injustices and reflects the social and cultural diversity of humanity, in the pursuit of sustainable humanity, under the culture of peace and non-violent resolution of conflicts and Critical thinking.

The productions awarded by the festival are chosen after a work of evaluation and qualification of the films sent in the public call, plus a selection of the organization and later awarded by the jury of the Festival, which is composed of important personalities in the world Of Human Rights or cinema, plus all the other prizes related to the Human Rights delivered by the organization.

With a wide range of films in their programming, in many cases they are nominated and awarded in important cinematographic competitions, many are subtitled and first released nationally by the Festival and shown in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) with the highest standard of quality.

Cinemes Texas Price: 3e
Opening November 21 at 22:00 Free
Prize and closing ceremony 1st of December at 10:00 pm Free.
Carrer de Bailèn, 205, 08037 Barcelona

In the same way, it opens debate spaces of international relevance, organizing panels, discussion boards, workshops, presentations that complement the mission of educating in favor of social development and empowerment. The Festival has been attended by prominent activists and advocates worldwide.

The Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival wants to be a symbol that shows that culture can be a way to dignify democracy, generating authentic wealth to be able to aspire to a human future.